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Why It’s Important to Join Us In Person

Why It’s Important to Join Us In Person

My oldest son is a Computer Science major at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, and specializes in Augmented Reality. I’m amazed at how technology has changed the way most of us live, and what a new generation might bring to our world. During my first international trip in 1986, it took a week for a letter to arrive back home, and I had to “book” a phone call to loved ones with an operator 9-12 hours ahead! These days, I’m in daily communication, often in real time, with the pastors of our partner church in Kakata, Liberia, and the staff of the Jordan Community Elementary School System. It’s a wonderful gift, but not the same as time spent together in the same physical space.

I’m so thankful you are here to visit our beloved church online, but there is really no substitute for you to be our guest and visit with us in person. Maybe we’ll hear your voice joining others on a Sunday morning as we offer God our thanks and praise. Or perhaps, you’ll take a walk through our beautiful Peace Garden and be in awe of the Creator’s majesty and power. Could it be that you’ll be here on Christmas Eve and receive the Light of Christ from the person seated next to you? Possibly, you’ll participate in one of our numerous small groups and wrestle with the hard questions of faith and daily life. Being a follower of Jesus is not something to be done from a distance or as a spectator, but as a fully engaged disciple!

No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!

The Rev. Dr. David Charles Smith is Senior Pastor at Jordan UCC of Allentown. He can be reached by email at