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Peace Garden

Our 40-plus-acre campus is an amazing gift we in our generation have received from those who have called Jordan their spiritual home in the past.

It’s hard to improve on nature, but about 11 years ago we transformed about 2.5 acres of our property into a lovely Peace Garden. Cross the footbridge to discover walking trails, planting beds, a wedding gazebo, a circle of fire with a pit, tables, and benches, a biblical garden, and SO much more! It’s a beautiful location for a small group gathering, wedding, cookout, or a quiet place to pray and reflect.

However, from winter clean up in the Spring, planting, weeding, watering in the growing season, to raking leaves in the Fall, there’s always something to do. So if you enjoy gardening, love the outdoors, or just need the exercise, please let us know of your interest and availability to help! Just don’t forget the sun screen!

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