Cemetery Association

Jordan’s cemetery contains graves dating back to pre-Revolutionary war years.  Many of the earliest headstones are inscribed in German, denoting the German heritage of many  who settled in the area in colonial days.  Veterans from every United States’ conflict are buried here.  The Association maintains a list of all veterans’ interments.

The Jordan United Church of Christ Cemetery Association has responsibility for maintaining all aspects of our cemetery.  This includes mowing and landscaping, repairing aging headstones, removing stale floral arrangements, arranging for the opening of graves and preparing for funerals, and maintaining the cemetery’s access road.

The Association also keeps the cemetery’s records including records of interments and of lots sold, but not yet used.  Those searching for information regarding burials can contact the Association for assistance.

Recent improvements to the cemetery include an outside sign detailing burials and lot ownerships, and the installation of marble markers which identify the various sections, thereby making searching for gravesites easier.

In the fall of 2018, the Association installed a memorial garden, thereby offering Jordan’s members an attractive location for those who wish to spread their ashes following cremation.  The memorial garden will be completed in the spring and summer of 2019 with the addition of signage and benches.  Also, arborvitae will be planted along the south and west sides of the garden to provide privacy and intimacy.

Cemetery lots may be purchased by Jordan’s members.  Anyone wishing to do so should contact the church office.